IoT Long Range Wireless Push Notification Dry Contact Transmitter

  • Industrial Long Range Wireless Push Notification
  • 2 Digital Inputs Channels
  • Up to 500,000 Transmissions from 2 AA Batteries
  • 2 Mile Range with On-Board Antenna
  • Superior LOS range of up to 28 miles with High-Gain Antennas
  • Interface to Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Azure, Arduino, and More
  • Example Software for Visual Studio and LabVIEW
  • Supports Wireless Mesh Networking
  • Send Data Directly to Azure and Losant Gateways
  • NO Monthly Fee or Locked Proprietary Protocols
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IoT Long Range Wireless Push Notification Dry Contact Transmitter

Our long-range wireless enterprise series sensors are an easy to use and reliable start to any data aggregation application. This video will demonstrate how they work, what they do, and how to use them.

IoT Long Range Wireless Push Notification Dry Contact Transmitter

Qatalytic Store IoT Wireless push notification transmitters make it easy to receive alerts when doors are opened or buttons are pressed.  This IoT long-range wireless push notification transmitter includes 2 contact closure inputs, sending a transmission if any state of the inputs changes.  Receive an alert when a button is pressed, receive another alert when the button is released.  This IoT long-range wireless push notification device is ideally used in security applications that need a reliable long-range wireless dry contact transmission.  Powered by two AA batteries, users can expect up to 500,000 transmissions or up to 10 years of battery life depending on environmental conditions and the transmission interval required for your application.  Optionally, this sensor may be externally powered.  This contact closure transmitter will send wireless push notifications over a distance of up to 2 miles using the included antennas (line of sight) or up to 28 miles using high-gain antennas.  This wireless push notification transmitter works by sending data as soon as it detects an open or closed contact (any change on input).  Additionally, this contact closure transmitter will send periodic data, indicating the input status as well as the battery level, just to let you know it’s alive and well.

IoT Security

We take IoT security very seriously, which is why we encrypt every IoT sensor, gateway, modem, and device in the Qatalytic Store Enterprise product line.  Encryption is much easier to manage than you might expect, as the encryption does not get in the way of using the device.  We include a standard 128-Bit AES Encryption key with every device or we can help you integrate a new encryption key into all of your devices.  All hardware devices must use the same encryption key.  Once the keys are set, the hardware manages the rest for you, 100% in the background.

Wireless Range and Protocol

Qatalytic Store long-range wireless IoT sensors use the DigiMesh® protocol from  DigiMesh® was designed by THE industrial leader in secure wireless communications for industrial applications.  DigiMesh® automatically hops data from gateway to gateway until it arrives at the desired destination.  Qatalytic Store IoT sensors are capable of a 2-Mile line-of-site communication distance with the included antennas and up to a 28-mile range when using high-gain antennas.

Your IoT Sensor Data Belongs to You!

Your data belongs to YOU and it’s up to you to decide where you want your IoT sensor data to arrive.  Don’t be bogged down by the limitations of proprietary cloud solutions, post the data where you need it most.  We offer an open communications protocol so you can integrate Qatalytic Store wireless transmitters into your own software.  This allows the integration of Qatalytic Store IoT sensors into any control system or gateway you could ever imagine.  Send data to a PC, Mac, or Linux computer, or a Raspberry Pi using Qatalytic Store modems.  Send data to popular cloud platforms such as Microsoft® Azure® IoT, Losant, and MQTT using Qatalytic Store Micro Gateways.  We can also help get data from Qatalytic Store wireless IoT sensors to embedded platforms such as Arduino.  We also offer sample code for Microsoft® Visual Studio, Node-RED, LabVIEW®, and Python.  Our documentation fully breaks down the packet structure, so integration into other languages is possible.  We may even be able to help, so please feel free to contact us if you are working with a platform not mentioned here.

There is no better Long Range Wireless push notification/Dry Contact Sensor on the market today.  Nothing compares with the long-range, the price, the accuracy, the battery life, or the security features we have to offer.

Transmission Interval

This device sends data periodically, based on user-preset timing intervals and on state change of the contact closure inputs.

Sensor Data Overview

Qatalytic Store IoT Sensors send a lot more than just sensor data.  For instance, a unique serial number is sent so you can always identify a particular sensor on the network.  A Node ID is also included, which is a single byte of data that you can use for anything, such as the floor of a building or to help identify which group a sensor belongs to.  Also included in the data packet is a firmware version, battery level, and sensor type.  This allows your software to positively identify and manage the health of Qatalytic Store IoT wireless sensors.  While signal strength data is also available, it is handled in a different way and is not included in the sensor data packet (but rest assured, signal strength data for each sensor is available).  Please see the Resources tab to see detailed information on the data structure of this device.

Good to know…

Qatalytic Store wireless sensors transmit data and require a receiver.  There are many options available for receiving data from Qatalytic Store IoT devices, which will be discussed in much greater detail below. We highly recommend at least one USB Modem for the purposes of sensor configuration (available during checkout). Also, our LabVIEW software is typically used for advanced sensor configuration, which is located in the “Resources” tab above.

How long Will the Batteries really Last?

Most Qatalytic Store IoT Sensors are rated for 300,000 to 500,000 transmissions until the batteries become so weak they are unreliable.  You could spread these transmissions out over a 10 year period and send 50,000 transmissions per year.  This would allow up to 136 transmissions per day, or about 5 transmissions per hour (for a 500K sensor, or 3 per hour for a 300K sensor).  If you only need the batteries to last 3 years, you could send 166,666 transmissions per year, or about 456 transmissions per day (about 19 transmissions per hour for a 500K sensor).  As you can see, battery life is really up to you.  By altering advanced settings in the Qatalytic Store IoT sensor, you have control over longevity.  Please note the 500,000 transmission rating is for premium alkaline batteries.  Qatalytic Store ships all sensors with premium Lithium batteries, which include an ultra-wide temperature range that typically lasts in excess of 600,000 transmissions for some sensor types.  These batteries weigh less than half of alkalines, and they work in the freezer!  A word of caution though, putting a sensor in configuration mode will drain the batteries very quickly.  It’s important to configure your sensors and exit configuration mode as soon as possible or use an external power supply during configuration (if supported by the sensor).  The table below indicates how many Transmissions Per Hour (TPH) you can expect from different sensors over a lifespan of up to 10 years.

Battery Life: 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 5 Years 10 Years
300K Sensor 136 TPH 68 TPH 34 TPH 17 TPH 11 TPH 6 TPH 3 TPH
400K Sensor 180 TPH 90 TPH 45 TPH 22 TPH 15 TPH 9 TPH 4 TPH
500K Sensor 228 TPH 114 TPH 57 TPH 28 TPH 19 TPH 11 TPH 5 TPH
600K Sensor 272 TPH 136 TPH 68 TPH 34 TPH 22 TPH 13 TPH 6 TPH

TPH = Transmissions per Hour

The Truth About Battery Life

Under the best of circumstances, the best non-rechargeable batteries commonly available today are limited to a 10-year non-working shelf life in a room temperature environment. Factors such as actual usage, temperature, and humidity will impact the working life. Be wary of any battery claims in excess of 10 years, as this would only apply to the most exotic and expensive batteries that are not commonly available. Also, note that most battery chemistries are not rated for use in extreme temperatures. Qatalytic Store only uses the best Non-Rechargeable Lithium batteries available today, which are also rated for use in extreme temperatures and have been tested by our customers in light radioactive environments. Lithium batteries offer a 10-year maximum expected shelf life due to the limitations of battery technology. Qatalytic Store will never rate sensor life beyond the rated shelf life of the best batteries available today, which is currently 10 years.

How Do I Change Settings and Examine Raw Sensor Data?

Using our long-range USB wireless modem, users can expect easy operation over a virtual COM port at 115.2K baud.  Simply open the virtual COM port of the USB modem and watch data stream in.  Optionally, we offer a Wireless receiver that operates over Ethernet.  Data from Qatalytic Store sensors will appear over TCP/IP on port 2101.  Simply open a TCP/IP socket, port 2101, to the IP address of the Ethernet modem and see your data stream into your local area network.  We have developed LabVIEW® software for each sensor to change advanced sensor settings using both Ethernet and USB modems.  Alpha Station also allows the display of sensor readings as well as limited configuration (this feature is still in development).  Of course, gateways are also available for sending data to popular cloud platforms such as Amazon® AWS® IoT, Microsoft® Azure® IoT, and Losant (more information below).  We take software samples seriously, so be sure to check out the “Resources” tab to see code samples for Raspberry Pi, Visual Studio, LabVIEW®, Arduino, Python, and more.

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