Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

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  • The Industrial Grade Environment IoT Sensor monitors
  • Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Gas Resistance, and Indoor Air Quality.
  • Operating temperatures range from -40 to +85 °C.
  • Operating Pressure Range: 300–1100% hPa
  • Operating humidity range: 0 to 100% r.H.
  • Gas Resistance Output in Ohms
  • Built-in Indoor Air Quality Metric Calculator with a 0-100 Range
  • Heater temperature and duration can be adjusted for gas resistance sampling. T
  • 2-mile range and an on-board 900MHz antenna.
  • The 900MHz High-Gain Antennas provide a superior LOS range of up to 28 miles.
  • It also interfaces with Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Azure, Arduino, and other devices.
  • Example software for Visual Studio and LabVIEW.
  • Wireless Mesh Networking with DigiMesh®: Power-Efficient Built-in sleep mode.
  • Secure Transmission with AES-128 Encryption


Long-range wireless industrial IoT Sensor for environmental temperature, humidity, pressure, and air quality.

Introducing Qatalytic’s Industrial IoT Wireless Environment Temperature Humidity Pressure and Air Quality Sensor, which has a 900MHz wireless mesh networking architecture with a range of up to two miles. This gadget uses a high-resolution sensor to measure and process temperature, pressure, humidity, and gas resistance. Once environmental data has been captured, it is transmitted to a gateway or modem up to 2 miles distant. The entire process is repeated at user-specified intervals. The BOSCH BME680 datasheet contains technical facts about the sensing capabilities. Powered by only 2 AA batteries and with an operational lifetime of 300,000 wireless transmissions, a 3-year battery life is possible depending on climatic conditions and data transfer interval. This sensor may be powered externally.

There is no better Long Range Wireless Environment Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, and Air Quality Sensor available today. Nothing compares to the long-range, pricing, accuracy, battery life, and security features we provide.

Transmission Interval

This device provides data at predetermined intervals.

IoT Sensor Data Transmission

Qatalytic IoT Sensors convey much more than just sensor data. The data packet contains not only sensor data but also other critical data. For example, a unique serial number is supplied so that you can always identify a certain sensor on the network. A Node ID is also given, which is a single byte of data that can be used for anything, such as identifying a building’s floor or determining which group a sensor belongs to. The data packet also contains information about the firmware version, battery level, and sensor type. This enables your software to accurately detect and manage the health of Qatalytic IoT wireless sensors. While signal strength data is available, it is processed differently and is not included in the sensor data packet. The Resources tab contains detailed information about this device’s data structure.

The wireless transmitter requires a receiver. There are numerous possibilities for getting data from Qatalytic IoT devices; please see below for a detailed list of the destinations available to Qatalytic sensors. We strongly advocate utilizing our USB Modem (available for purchase) to monitor this device and change device settings using our LabVIEW® software. Some sensors include complex settings that allow them to transmit alerts when problems are detected, while others allow you to alter the transmission frequency, which has a direct impact on battery life.

How long will these batteries last?

Most Qatalytic IoT Sensors are rated for approximately 500,000 transmissions before the batteries become unreliable; however, this sensor utilizes more power than most and has a projected life of 300,000 transmissions or up to three years. With 100,000 transmissions each year, you might expect up to 273 transmissions per day or 11 per hour. The battery life can be increased by limiting the number of broadcasts each day, thus it is entirely up to you. You may manage the longevity of the Qatalytic IoT sensor by adjusting its advanced settings. Qatalytic provides all sensors with quality Lithium batteries, which have an ultra-wide temperature range and can withstand more than 300,000 transmissions. 

These batteries weigh less than half of alkaline batteries and can be used in the freezer! A word of caution: putting a sensor in setup mode will quickly drain the batteries. It is critical that you configure your sensors and exit configuration mode as soon as feasible, or utilize an external power supply during configuration (if supported by the sensor).

How Can I Change Settings and Examine Raw Sensor Data?

Our long-range USB wireless modem operates easily over a virtual COM port at 115.2K baud. Simply open the USB modem’s virtual COM port and monitor the data stream. We also offer a wireless receiver that connects via Ethernet. Data from Qatalytic sensors will be available via TCP/IP on port 2101. Simply connect a TCP/IP socket, port 2101, to the IP address of the Ethernet modem and watch your data flood into your local area network. Alpha Station was designed to work with our wireless modems. Of course, gateways are available to transport data to major cloud systems like Azure® and Losant (further details below). We take software samples seriously, so visit the “Resources” tab to find code samples for Raspberry Pi, Visual Studio, LabVIEW®, Arduino, Python, and other platforms.

Wireless Industrial Temperature Sensor Applications:

Long-term industrial automation

Indoor air quality monitoring

Home automation and control

IoT HVAC system components

Remote weather forecasting

Wireless weather monitoring for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Wireless Air Quality Monitoring for AWS® and Azure®.

Not recommended for use in outdoor situations or extreme temperatures. Prolonged freezing will prevent batteries from functioning until thawed; however, using extended temperature range industrial batteries may increase the useful temperature range. Extended freezing applications require a full-time powered solution. Prolonged exposure to high humidity levels may harm this gadget. The sensing element is rated for 5 years of use and can be replaced. High temperatures may cause the batteries to leak, resulting in irreparable harm to the gadget. The Qatalytic Warranty does not cover battery degradation or use in severely smokey settings under any circumstances.

900HP-S3B Wireless Compatibility Notes

Notice: Compatibility Notes Do Not Apply to the Following Products:

  • Qatalytic Enterprise Solutions
  • Qatalytic Wireless Sensors
  • Qatalytic Enterprise Modems & Gateways

Notice: These compatibility notes apply to Qatalytic Industrial Products, including Fusion, ProXR, ProXR Lite, Taralist, and Reactor Series products.

Compatibility Notes:

When using a 900HP-S3B communication module, you must utilize the ZIGMO_PCB to configure its parameters. Long-range wireless sensors can be programmed over the air without removing the communications module.

A 900HP-S3B modem or gateway capable of supporting the 900HP-S3B communications module is also required.


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